Joint Institutes' Postdoctoral Positions

The seven NSF Mathematical Sciences Institutes announce the creation of 30 new postdoctoral positions. The positions are intended for recent recipients of a PhD in the mathematical sciences from a US university (PhD 2004 or later) who have been unsuccessful in the current job market.

Each postdoc will be affiliated with one of the Math Institutes. In addition to research, the position may involve teaching or other responsibilities. The specific activities vary by institute and are described more fully in the application instructions.

Most appointments will be for two years, with a starting date as early as August 2009. Salaries are competitive and a travel allowance is included. Successful applicants will have an opportunity to participate in a Job Skills Workshop in December, 2009, relating to the academic job search and interview process.

Applications are due by April 10; it is anticipated that the first round of offers will be made by April 15, pending anticipated funding from the NSF.

Application Instructions

Applicants are required to submit standard application materials at MathJobs.Org (choose the Postdoc postition for the employer "Mathematics Institutes") and also submit a separate letter of interest using the Math Institutes online form.

Your letter of interest must explain the current status of your job search and indicate your reasons for being interested in an Institutes Postdoc.

On the application form

you will be asked to indicate which institute(s) you want to consider your application. You may select as many Institutes as you wish, but some Institutes require additional information, as described below.

Details of each Institute's postdoctoral positions

There is a common application process for the Institutes' Postdocs, but the exact nature of the positions varies between institutes.

AIM Postdocs will have a research mentor from the AIM staff or the Stanford University math department. There will be teaching responsibilities at a local institution of higher education.
IAS The School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) will offer postdoctoral positions which will be jointly mentored by a host university and the faculty at IAS. It would be helpful if the applicant could identify a host university and a faculty member at the Institute whose expertise matched their research interests. Postdoctoral members will be invited to make occasional visits to IAS to report on their research. Depending upon the host institution, there may be some light teaching responsibilities.
IMA IMA offers two types of postdoctoral appointments: (i) New Directions Postdocs and (ii) Postdoctoral Industrial Internships. New Directions Postdocs are candidates who are interested in participating in the 2009-10 Annual Program but do not have prior experience in the field. Postdoctoral Industrial Internships place successful candidates in one of IMA's partner corporations. Mentoring will be provided in either position. Please read further instructions on the IMA Institutes Postdoc page before filling out the application form.
IPAM IPAM will hire postdoctoral researchers and place them in a research group in academia, industry or a government lab. We will give some priority to projects that are interdisciplinary. Please describe your field of interest. As an option, you may also state a research group of interest to you. For further information see the IPAM postdoc page.
MBI Indicate any special interest in either of the next two MBI emphasis years:
 2009-10: Molecular Interactions within the Cell: Network, Scale, and Complexity
 2010-11: Evolution, Synchronization, and Environmental Interactions: Insights from Plants and Insects
MSRI Postdocs will be based at MSRI Academic Sponsoring Institutions or other appropriate universities. Applicants should identify a potential mentor and mentoring institution. Depending upon the host institution, there may be some light teaching responsibilities.
SAMSI Applicants who only wish to be considered by SAMSI, and who have applied at the SAMSI postdoctoral site, need not submit an application to In your letter of interest, please indicate any special interest in the following four SAMSI programs:
2009-10: a) Space-Time Analysis for Environmental Mapping, Epidemiology and Climate Change
b) Stochastic Dynamics
2010-11: a) Analysis of Object-Oriented Data
b) Complex Networks