Mission Statement

Mathematical sciences institutes in North America, including the NSF Mathematical Sciences Institutes, have formed a committee with the goal of joining together in their efforts to support the participation of underrepresented groups in the mathematical sciences, including women, underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities.

This page is intended to facilitate that participation by providing links to various resources.

Future Math Institutes Workshops
Fall 2015Modern Math WorkshopMSRI

Past Math Institutes Workshops
Fall 2011Modern MathIPAM  
Spring 2012Spring OpportunitiesMSRIInfinite Possibilities
Short Course
Fall 2012Modern MathNIMBioS 
Fall 2012Blackwell TapiaICERM 
Spring 2013Career Options for Women in Mathematical SciencesIMA  
Fall 2013Modern MathICERM  
Fall 2014Modern MathSAMSIBlackwell TapiaIPAM
Spring 2015Infinite Possibilities Conference 2015 - March 2-3, 2015MBI
Spring 2015Careers in Mathematical Sciences: Workshop for Underrepresented Groups - March 26-28, 2015IMA  

Additional Diversity Events

Diversity Committee Members

Mathematics Institutes Diversity Links